About Us

We help executives, boards, and global investors understand, identify, and take advantage of opportunities across African markets

We’re trusted advisors to entrepreneurs, growth-stage startups, corporates, global investors, and other senior decision-makers with commercial interests in African markets.

We leverage hard-earned insights, widespread networks, and innovative methods to help clients exploit opportunities created by the digital, demographic, and cultural revolutions that are sweeping across African markets.

  • We provide strategic intelligence informed by ‘boots on the ground’ analysis to senior leaders worldwide
  • We help global organizations and investors understand and enter African markets
  • We help organizations with a foothold in Africa expand to new markets wisely
  • We help foreign & local corporates launch mobile and digital products & services across Africa
  • We help locally operating institutions create cultures of innovation
  • We take on bespoke challenges from clients seeking innovative & impactful solutions

What strategic opportunities can we help you realize?