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We help you better understand opportunities and risks in emerging & frontier African markets.

When it comes to emerging and frontier African markets, high-quality local knowledge and understanding isn’t always readily available. Even global advisory firms have challenges developing deep relationships with local resources for reliable “boots on the ground” market intelligence. With important business decisions to be made and weak connections to local subject matter experts, risk increases.

That’s where we come in.

By cultivating a selective network of professional thought leaders on the ground in Africa and Africa-minded subject matter experts abroad, we’re able to offer startups, SMEs, investors & other ecosystem participants a competitive advantage through on-the-ground insights.

In markets and locales where it’s tough to get credible data, our selective network of experts helps discover and vet key information not found via traditional resources. This deeper understanding makes all the difference when critical strategic, operational, and investment decisions are on the line.



Are you a thought leader or expert in your field? Apply to join our network & accelerate Africa’s tech entrepreneurship & SME ecosystem.



Connect to knowledgeable professionals & subject matter experts, access unique insights, and make better business decisions,

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