Investment Facilitation

We facilitate capital inflows into the ecosystem using innovative approaches.

Growth often requires capital, but a significant capital gap persists for SMEs and startups in developing countries:

…Access to finance is a significant barrier [for SMEs in developing countries]…There is a massive profit opportunity for those who are able to successfully finance these firms.” – Entrepreneurial Finance Lab Initiative, Center for International Development at Harvard University

For SMEs and startups in emerging and frontier African markets, this financing gap is particularly salient. The World Bank, in its (somewhat dated but) comprehensive World Business Environment Survey, found that SMEs in Africa were most likely to cite finance as their most severe constraint to growth.

Yet growth of Africa’s SMEs and startups has tremendous potential for social impact:

…Filling the capital gap faced by SMEs in developing nations will not only lead to robust GDP growth, but also promote job creation, build a middle class, and help create economic, social and political stability.” – How to Help the Missing Middle. Innovations Online by the MIT Press Innovations Journal.

At Africreate, we regularly analyze global innovations in SME and startup financing, and we work with various partners and stakeholders to bring the highest potential and most relevant initiatives to Africa.


The Africatalyst Project, a blend of innovative global financing solutions configured for Africa, is our flagship investment facilitation initiative for 2017.


We partner with NGOs, agencies, impact investors, and others to identify & disseminate best practices and relevant opportunities to African SMEs and new ventures.


We offer tailored services for Africa-minded foreign high net-worth individuals, family offices, private foundations & others who require trusted local expertise.

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