Africreate Labs

Africreate Labs is an experimental Africa-focused startup studio/venture development group. We believe that tech entrepreneurship can make significant contributions to Africa, and we actively seek out local problems that can be significantly addressed using technology. We create and collaborate on ventures that solve real problems and improve people’s lives.

The ventures we work on are largely based on our own ideas, influenced by our expert network and on-the-ground market intelligence, but we also collaborate with founders of early-stage companies whose missions we believe in. In such cases we become hands-on partners, helping craft the brand, build the prototype, and iterate towards product-market fit.

We’re particularly attracted to platform and non-traditional marketplace ideas as we’ve found that a common defining feature of African frontier & emerging markets is high fragmentation. We believe there is tremendous social & financial impact to be had in the aggregation of content, community, and commerce through platforms/marketplaces.

If you’re passionate about solving Africa-focused problems through innovative technology, Africreate Labs may the place for you.
Below, you’ll find roles that we’re looking for on an ongoing basis.

opportunities to work with us

Positions Location
Business Operations & Strategy Lagos, Nigeria
Product Manager Lagos, Nigeria
Engineer Lagos, Nigeria
Designer Lagos, Nigeria

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