Corporate & Institutional Innovation

We partner with domestic & foreign institutions seeking to identify & exploit new opportunities.

Disruptive innovation is transforming markets and societies across Africa, opening up huge and still largely untapped commercial potential for domestic and international institutions.

From the demographic dividend of a young and rapidly expanding population to an increasingly affluent and aspirational middle class, Africa has the potential to become a new powerhouse of production and consumption in the 21st century, just as Asia was in the late 20th. Capitalizing on this potential demands innovative thinking, new resources, and bold strategy.

That’s where we come in.

We’re native to this new digital world — we’re experienced business builders, industry experts, practical strategists, creative innovators, and fast movers on the ground. Leading institutions turn to us for original insights & strategies on entering African markets, seizing digital opportunities, developing innovation cultures, partnering with relevant ecosystem players, and otherwise understanding & exploiting the disruptive forces transforming business in Africa.

Selected Services

Internal Innovation

✓ Digital Strategy as Business Strategy
✓ Intrapreneurship & Self-Disruption
 Opportunity & Risk Analysis
✓ Value Proposition Reinvention
 Corporate Innovation Labs & Workshops

Growth & Expansion

✓ Market Entry
✓ New Product Launch
✓ Localized Value Creation & Value Capture
✓ Win-Win Partnerships & Negotiations
✓ Bus. Development & Local Support for non-domestic institutions

Market Intelligence

✓ Partnership, JV, & Distributor Targeting
✓ Primary & Secondary Industry/Market Research
✓ Cultural & Regulatory Context
✓ Market Intelligence Visit Facilitation

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