Startup & SME Support

We help young ventures address their biggest challenge: Growth.

These are certainly exciting (and challenging) times for startups & SMEs in Africa.

New technologies, products, platforms, marketplaces, business models and economic realities are creating growth opportunities. But capturing those opportunities isn’t easy. As the business environment gets increasingly competitive, there is a critical need for bold yet focused strategies and approaches.

That’s where we come in.

Leading African startup & SME management teams turn to us for strategic advice, technical assistance, and fresh perspectives at critical inflection points in their growth. Our clients benefit from our market insight & real-world collaboration across the ecosystem.

Selected Services


✓ Problem Identification
✓ Ideation & Hypotheses
✓ Customer Discovery & Validation
✓ Digital & Web Design
✓ Prototyping


✓ Launch Strategy
✓ Lean Startup Education
✓ Business Model Canvas
✓ Business Development
✓ Measurement & Analytics

Growth Operations

✓ Metrics Based Management
✓ Value Creation vs. Value Capture
✓ Culture Building & Leadership
✓ Human Capital Strategy
✓ Customer Experience Strategy
✓ Marketing & PR Strategy

Investment Readiness

✓ Investor-Ready Deliverables
✓ Pitching & Presentation Coaching
✓ Business Model Iteration
✓ Competitive Analysis
✓ Product Market Fit Curve
✓ Capital Raise Education

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